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Comparison of the length of perineal tears in primiparous women with and without an episiotomy

Akhmetzhanova Dinara Oralgazyevna; Entsar Hachim Muhammad; Mohammed Ali; Ahmed Jalil Kadhim; Ayad Abas Hasan; Fathi Jihad Hammady; Noora M. Hameed; Hayfaa Attia Thijail

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 08 February 2023

  Background & Objective: Episiotomy complications include infection, pain, hematoma, and third- and fourth-degree tears, and all primiparous women must undergo this procedure routinely. The current study aimed to compare the length of perineal tears in women referred to the Basra maternity hospital ...  Read More

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Predicting Neonatal Complications in Preeclampsia Pregnant Women by Evaluating the Value of Uterine Artery Doppler Ultrasound Indices

Berikuly Duman; Ali Abdulhussain Fadhil; Samah Sajad Kadim; Ayad Abas Hasan; Naseer Mehdi Mohammed; Ebtihal Sattar Qasim; Tamara Muayad Abdullah

Volume 8, Issue 4 , July and August 2023, , Pages 393-399

  Background & Objective: Preeclampsia is related to numerous maternal and fetal complications, like intrauterine increase restriction, preterm delivery, and a raised danger of baby death. In order to determine the predictive amount of uterine artery Doppler sonography indices for neonatal complications ...  Read More