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Impact of Bariatric Surgery on Serum AMH Level and fertility and reproductive condition in Obese Women

shereef elshwaikh; Ahmed Ossman; muhammad el-masry; ahmed swelam; yasmin elmasry

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 24 December 2023

  Aim: To evaluate changes in serum AMH levels, fertility and metabolic conditions in reproductive-age severely obese women, after bariatric surgery. Design: prospective cohort study. Methods: This study had been conducted on marked obese women who were referred to BS in Tanta university hospital. the ...  Read More

Factors Related to Empowering Iranian Women’s Fertility Behaviors: A Systematic Review

Farzaneh Rashidi Fakari; Masoumeh Simbar; Marzieh Saei Ghare Naz; Fahimeh Rashidi Fakari

Volume 3, Issue 3 , September and October 2018, , Pages 115-122

  Aims: Women’s empowerment refers to empowering women to make independent decisions about significant life issues. Women’s empowerment affects demographic processes and fertility behaviors. The aim of this review was to investigate the factors related to empowering Iranian women’s fertility ...  Read More