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1 College of Medical Technology,Medical Lab techniques, Al-farahidi University/ Iraq

2 Al-Nisour University College, Iraq

3 Anesthesia Techniques Department, Al-Mustaqbal University College, Babylon, Iraq

4 The University of Mashreq, Baghdad, Iraq

5 Department of pharmacy, Ashur University College, Baghdad, Iraq

6 Al-Esraa University College, Baghdad, Iraq

7 Department of Nursing, Al-Zahrawi University College, Karbala, Iraq

8 Al-Kafeel University, College of Health and Medical Technologies, Department of Medical Laboratory Technologies, Iraq


Background & Objective: Infertility is the inability to become pregnant despite trying for at least a year. Infertility is also referred to as when a woman continues to experience miscarriages. Environmental factors, lifestyle, hormone issues, physical problems, and age can all contribute to female infertility. About 10-12% of couples struggle with infertility, a multifaceted issue with ramifications for society, the economy, and culture. The majority of female infertility cases are caused by issues with egg production. By analyzing samples from infertility clinics, the current study aims to investigate the degree of female infertility in Erbil, Iraq, while covering all facets of the condition.
Materials & Methods: 595 infertile females receiving medical counseling from three infertile institutions between February 2020 to December 2021 were screened for the current study. In addition to anthropometric measurements, information about the etiology, duration, and lifestyle, factors of infertility has been gathered using a standardized questionnaire. Additionally, the sample was subjected to clinical examinations. Five groups of reproductive abnormalities were identified. Around 61.79% of women in the infertile group for the first two years had tubal obstruction, and 49.92% had hormonal deficiencies. Ovulation defects (4.62%) and undersized uteri (4.82%) predominated in the >10-year infertile group. Both weight and body mass index have shown a favorable association with infertility duration.
Results: Our findings demonstrated a significant correlation between body mass index and infertility. Most academic and wealthy groups pursued medical advice to resolve issues related to infertility.
Conclusion: Finally, it is suggested that female infertility can be managed and cured with hormone therapy, laparoscopic procedures, minor surgical procedures, and medicine.


 Finally, it is suggested that female infertility can be managed and cured with hormone therapy, laparoscopic procedures, minor surgical procedures, and medicine.


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