Iranian Society of Gynecology Oncology


Department of Gynecology Oncology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, IR Iran


Dear Colleague,
Today is a great day for all of us. Three decades of hard work in promoting education, training and conducting numerous complicated surgeries have resulted in significant number of obstetricians and gynecologists across the country. Today, there are programs teaching top-tier subspecialties within this field. Moreover, hundreds of Seminars have been held during the past twenty years by our colleagues. Considering this strong potential, now is the time for us to share our knowledge and experiences in a comprehensive international research journal. Continuing this path is only possible with your contribution and collaboration. In this journal, we are pleased to invite all researches within the field to spread their deep and valuable expert opinions and knowledge to other expertises throughout the world. The editorial board wishes to dedicate this journal to our patients whom happen to be our best teachers.