Iranian Society of Gynecology Oncology

Open Access publishing is costly and we charge authors for this. Starting with Fall 2022, J Obstet Gynecol Cancer Res levies an article-processing charge (APC) of 200 $ USD (20,000,000 Rls for Iranian authors), for each original, short communication and case report article, Reviews, Minireviews (not Letters-to-the Editor) accepted for publication. Please note that these charges apply only to accepted articles. Invoices are issued only for accepted articles by the editors. The article processing charge must be paid after the manuscript is accepted.
Please transfer the editing fee to our PayPal ([email protected]) and please send us your payment receipt, response to [email protected].

Voluntary Publishing Charges:
Article submission charge is free
Fast Review Fee is 100 $ USD (15,000,000 Rls for Iranian authors).
Fast Publishing Fee is 100 $ USD (15,000,000 Rls for Iranian authors).
To use the article's native English editing service,  authors could see the Farname Inc. website or send an email to the journal. 

Mandatory Publishing Charges:
The publication fee for accepted articles (APC) is 200 $ USD (20,000,000 Rls for Iranian authors).
The cost for Article Withdrawal during the review process is according to decision of Editorial board.