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Women's Reproductive Health Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background & Objective: Diabetes mellitus and gestational diabetes are complications that may be associated with preterm premature rupture of the membrane (i.e. PPROM) during pregnancy. We have investigate the impact of gestational and overt diabetes on PPROM through a statistical campaign. 
Materials & Methods: This study was conducted in two parts: In the first part, the PPROM patients (211 cases) were classified into three groups, without diabetes (W/ODM=126 cases), gestational diabetes (GDM=69 cases consist of 44 cases under insulin therapy and 25 cases of diet controlled), and diabetes mellitus (ODM=16 cases). PPROM complications were studied and compared between these three groups. In the second part, GDM patients under insulin therapy or diet control were compared to W/ODM patients in terms of PPROM complications. 
Results: There were no significant statistical differences between the groups regarding pregnancy outcomes, except, for mean gestational age at rupture of membrane and delivery. For maternal outcomes, there were significant changes between groups in terms of labor duration, hospital stay after childbirth, and severe preeclampsia. Fetus and neonatal outcomes suggested that the newborn weight, neonatal hyperglycemia, Apgar score, revive need, infant death, and umbilical cord blood gas test results (except BE) were significantly different between the three groups. Results of the second part of the study, in terms of statistically significant differences between insulin therapy, diet control, and W/ODM are consistent with the first part, for all discussed factors. 
Conclusion: Results revealed that PPROM protocol management on PPROM cases who have gestational or overt diabetes is applicable and does not have any further risk. 


 Results revealed that PPROM protocol management on PPROM cases who have gestational or overt diabetes is applicable and does not have any further risk.


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