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Document Type : Case Report Article


1 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Isfahan, Iran.

2 Isfahan University of Medical Sciences, Department of pathology, Isfahan, Iran.

3 Vali-E-Asr Reproductive Health Research Center, Family Health Research Institute, Tehran University of Medical .


Invasive angiomyxoma as a mesenchymal tumor with a high recurrence rate has been reported mainly in reproductive age according to its association with the estrogenic level of plasma. Above that, it seems there is a need for further treatment despite complete resection of the tumor, to eliminate the hormonal state.
In the present study, we sought to introduce a rare case of invasive angiomyxoma in a post-menopausal but high-risk woman, discuss the relativity of risk factors in all hormonal-dependent gynecological malignancy, and intend to seek help from colleagues' opinions and experiences about treatment. It is clearly of great importance to emphasize the role of individualized medicine in such a rare case, in conclusion, there is not any debate on the role of surgical resection but the necessity of changing in lifestyle or adjuvant systemic or local therapy, and the needed duration is doubtful.