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Document Type : Original Research Article


1 University of Babylon / collage of science / biology department

2 Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology for postgraduate studies/ University of Baghdad / Baghdad, Iraq

3 Biotechnology Research Center/ Al-Nahrain University/Baghdad, Iraq


The viruses considered one of the most factors that cause infertile because it represented sexual transmission disease. Objective. The purpose of this study was to study the correlations between viruses (HSV) viral load and semen parameters in groups of fertile and infertile Iraqi men. Methods. This study comprised fifty infertile males and fifty fertile healthy males. Seminal fluid analysis was conducted on all participants to detect the presence of HSV using the HSV1,2 quantification kit. Results: There was a high significant correlation between sperm concentration and percentage of rapid linear progression motility (r= 0.478**) of infertile men. A strong meaningful connection was seen between the percentage of sperm concentration and both the percentage of sluggish linear or nonlinear motility (r = 0.681**) and the percentage of non-progressive motility (r = 0.604**). There was a strong negative connection (r = -0.725**) between the concentration of sperm and the number of immotile spermatozoa. On the others hand, There was a high significant correlation between rapid linear progression and slow linear or nonlinear(r =0 .413**) non-progressive motility (r = 0.704**) respectively, and high negative significant between rapid linear progression and immotile spermatozoa. The correlation between slow linear or nonlinear and non-progressive motility was highly significant (r= 0.555**) and negative significant between slow linear or nonlinear and immotile spermatozoa. Finally, A strong negative correlation (-0.813**) was observed between non-progressive motility and immotile spermatozoa. Conclusions :The study found that HSV infection had effect on semen parameters and will cause male infertility.


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