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Department of Biology, College of Science, University of Basra, Basra, Iraq


Background: Neuregulin 4(Nrg4) was found to be highly enriched in brown adipose tissue and plays an important role in regulating glucolipid metabolism. Concentrations of Nrg4 and their relationship with insulin, as well as inflammatory markers IL8 and TNFα, were investigated in individuals with metabolic disorders such as obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), in the context of insulin resistance in women.

Methods: Within a cross-sectional study, a total of 73 female participants aged 30 to 60 years categorized into three groups: (1) healthy obese (n=21), (2) Newly diagnosed T2D (n=21), and (3) treated T2D (n=31). Various body anthropometric measurements were assessed, and blood tests were conducted to analyze serum glucose levels, lipid profiles, insulin levels, and adipokines.

Results: It was found that levels of Nrg4 in healthy obese and newly diagnosed T2D were increased compared with treated T2D with (p= 0.007), and (p= 0.005) respectively. In treated T2D group there was a positive correlation detected between serum Nrg4 and each of insulin (r= 0.699, p ˂0.001), HOMA-IR (r= 0.725, p ˂0.001), and IL8 (r= 0.395, p= 0.028), and in healthy obese group with HbA1c and IL8 (r= 0.492, p= 0.023; r=0.579, p= 0.006) respectively. In a total of participants, Nrg4 correlated positively with TNFα (r= 0.580, p ˂0.001).

Conclusion: Nrg4 levels increase in obesity and newly diagnosed diabetes, correlating with hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, and inflammation.


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