Iranian Society of Gynecology Oncology
Expression of Estrogen Receptor (ER), Progesterone Receptor (PR), Her2/neu in Various Types of Epithelial Ovarian Tumors

Fereshteh Ameli; Maryam Entezarian; Noraidah Masir; Tan Geok Chin

Volume 9, Issue 1 , January and February 2024, , Pages 7-13

  Background & Objective: The highest mortality rate in gynecologic cancers is attributed to ovarian origin. Expression of the estrogen and progesterone receptors (ER and PR); and Human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (Her2/neu) in endometrial cancer and breast cancer were found to be associated ...  Read More

General Gynecology and Pelvic Floor
Demographic, Clinical Symptoms, Imaging and Pathology Characteristics of Patients with Adnexal Torsion: A Ten-Year Study

Behnaz Nouri; Ladan Ajori; Zohreh Ahmadvand; Saba Fahimhi

Volume 8, Issue 6 , November and December 2023, , Pages 614-619

  Background & Objective: Adnexal torsion is a complete or incomplete twisting of the ovary, fallopian tubes, or ovarian cyst around its vascular axis, which can cause blood flow disruption. This disorder is rare but serious and accounts for about 3% of women's emergency surgeries. Early diagnosis ...  Read More

A Rare Case of Primary Tubo-Ovarian Hydatid Cyst, Approved Pathologically and Molecularly

Nahid Ghanbarzadeh; Ali Nadjfai-Semnani; Mohammad Nadjafi-Semnani; Mahmoodreza Behravan; Majid Zare-Bidaki

Volume 8, Issue 2 , March and April 2023, , Pages 184-187

  Echinococcus granulosus (sensu lato) is the main cause of Cystic hydatid in human and livestock in the world and is considered a neglected tropical disease. Hydatid cysts often form in the liver (50–70%) and less frequently the lung, spleen, kidney, bone, brain and genital system. Ovarian hydatid ...  Read More

The Signet Ring Stromal Tumor in a 13-Year-Old Girl: Case Report

Tajossadat Allameh; Behnoosh Mohamadi

Volume 8, Issue 1 , January and February 2023, , Pages 76-80

  Signet ring stromal tumor is a rare benign ovarian neoplasm, of which only about 17 cases have been reported since 1996. The signet ring appearance of this tumor may mimic a Krukenberg tumor and result in a diagnostic challenge in some cases. The previous cases occurred in adult or in old patients. We ...  Read More

Gynecology Oncology
PEComa of the Ovary: A Case Report

Shahrzad Sheikhhasani; Mohades Peydayesh; Narges Zamani; Somayeh Nikfar; Mona Mohseni

Volume 7, Issue 4 , March and April 2022, , Pages 348-350

  Perivascular epithelioid cell tumors (PEComas) are a group of mesenchymal neoplasms with different biological presentations from benign to malignant types. Hence, we report the first description of PEComa presenting with an acute surgical abdomen. Her definite diagnoses were made based on the histomorphology ...  Read More

Presentation of Dysgerminoma and Gonadoblastoma in a Patient with Swyer Syndrome

Malihe Hasanzadeh; Estak Rezaee

Volume 3, Issue 3 , September and October 2018, , Pages 129-131

  Introduction: Swyer syndrome is determined by primary amenorrhea, normal external genitalia, and the presence of a vagina, uterus, and 46XY karyotype. The aim of this case report was to introduce a patient with Swyer syndrome referred with pain and an abdominal mass. Patient Information: This case study ...  Read More

Clinical Points in Dermoid Cyst Management: A Review Article

Atefeh Moridi; Maliheh Arab; Ghazaleh Fazli; Maryam Khayamzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 3 , November and December 2016

  Dermoid cyst is a benign and common ovarian neoplasm affecting women. Sources for this review article were taken from PubMed and other up-to-date databases covering the period from Jan 2010 to Jan 2016. Keywords for the search were “dermoid cyst” and “treatment”. A search of the ...  Read More